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Java is most popular language in current era because of reliability, security etc.and it is used in our organization in web based application , mobile application etc.

Our Java Development Services

Our Java development services include:

  • Java website development
  • Java application programming
  • Java product development
  • Java applet development
  • Easy customization

What we can help you with

  • Build complex systems using components written using various technologies
  • Port old solutions to an enterprise platform using different technologies (including partial porting that would help save costs and duration)
  • Optimize performance of enterprise-level systems (up to 30x improvement)
  • Optimize mobile apps (in terms of performance and memory resources needed) that do image processing, communication and cryptography
  • Create architecture that include messaging systems (such as MQSeries)
  • Refactoring of code in complex systems using Java
  • Integrate mainframe applications and standard web servers
  • Work with popular enterprise platforms such as DB2
  • Enterprise-level systems that use intricate Oracle features
  • Provide access to video content based on Windows Media Server

Tools that we use most frequently

Frameworks: Spring, Struts, EJB,

Libraries: Hibernate

IDE: NetBeans, Eclipse

Additional technologies: GlassFish, Tomcat, Servlet, JSP,

Testing: JUnit